Assoc Prof Jarrett Blaustein

Associate Professor

Jarrett Blaustein is an Associate Professor and the Director of Education in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) in the College of Asia and the Pacific at ANU. Prior to joining RegNet in 2022, he was a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Monash University and Lecturer in Criminology at Aberystwyth University. He is a research fellow in the Global Risk Governance Programme

His interdisciplinary research explores how and why societies govern and deliver security during or in anticipation of different types of crises. Much of his work to date is anchored in the idea that policing is best conceptualised and studied as networks or webs of actors whose interactions collectively serve to advance or reproduce particular versions of social order. Much of his research builds on the tradition of ‘nodal governance’ scholarship (pioneered at RegNet nearly two decades ago) by illuminating how global forces and transnational linkages shape the governance and delivery of security in different contexts.

His current work draws on these ideas to explore how different policing networks and actors around the world are adapting to risks, harms and crises associated with climate change. He recently led a pilot study of local adaptive policing practices during the Black Summer bushfires and is currently collaborating with scholars in the UK to examine how police and emergency management partners in Wales are adapting to climate related harms associated with floods and storms.



Recent publications:

Blaustein, J., Chodor, T., & Pino, N. 2022. Unraveling the Crime Development Nexus. Rowman & Littlefield.

Koumouris, G. & Blaustein, J. (2021) Reporting 'African Gangs': Theorising Journalistic Practice During a Multi-Mediated Moral Panic. Crime, Media, Culture.

Maher, S., Blaustein, J., Benier, K., Chitambo, J., & Johns, D. (2020). Mothering after Moomba: Labelling, secondary stigma and maternal efficacy in the post-settlement context. Theoretical Criminology. 

Blaustein, J., Fitz-Gibbon, K., Pino, N. & White, R. (2020) The Emerald Handbook on Crime, Justice and Sustainable Development. Emerald.