Jan Froestad

Research Fellow

Jan Froestad is a Research fellow in the Global Risk Governance programme.  He is an Associate Professor, Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen, Norway. 

His research is focused on development studies, public policy, nodal governance, security and policing, climate, poverty, informal economies, and energy/electricity systems.

Publications include: 

Froestad, J., Holley, C. & Shearing, C. In Process. Electricity, Energy Transitions and the Anthropocene: Comparing Shifts in the Energy-Development Nexus. Edgar Elgar.

Froestad, J., Nøkleberg, M., Shearing, C. & Trollip, H. 2018. South Africa’s Minerals-­‐ Energy-­‐Complex: Flows, regulation, governance and policing. In: Omorogbe, Y. & Ordor, A. Eds. Energy, Law and Development.

Froestad, J. & Shearing, C.  2017. Energy and the Anthropocene: Security Challenges and Solutions. Crime, Law and Social Change: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Froestad, J., Grimwood, S., Herbstein, T. and Shearing, C. 2015. Policy Design and Nodal Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Determinants of Environmental Policy Change in a South African City. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research & Practice, 17(2): 174-191. Full text >> 

Froestad, J., Shearing, C. and Van der Merwe, M. 2015. Criminology: Reimagining security. In: Bourbeau, P. Ed. Security: Dialogue across Disciplines. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 177-195. 

Herbstein, T. & Froestad, J., Shearing, C. & Nel, D. 2013. Insurance, 'Climate Risk' and the Barriers to Change. In: Börzel, T.A. & Hamann, R. Eds. Business and Climate Change Governance: South Africa in Comparative Perspective. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 156-172. 

Froestad, J., Shearing, C., Herbstein, T. & Grimwood, S. 2012. City of Cape Town Solar Water Heater Bylaw: Barriers to Implementation. In: Cartwright, A., Parnell, S., Oelofse, G. & Ward, S. Eds.  Climate Change at the City Scale: Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation in Cape Town. London: Earthscan, 244 - 262.