Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Faculty offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree which is examined by a thesis. The degree may be conferred in any of the following specialist areas:

Criminal Justice






Public Law



The general rules of the University for the PhD apply, i.e. there are no specific rules for the Faculty of Law.

Doctor of Laws (LLD)

The Degree of Doctor of Laws may be obtained for a substantial body of work that has already been published. Such work must constitute an original contribution to, or an important advance on, knowledge in the subject. This degree is the senior doctorate in the Faculty of Law. It is awarded rarely, as a mark of respect, normally only for work undertaken over a period of many years which has established the candidate as the leading authority in his or her field, and where the candidate has had a substantial and long association with the University.

Additional information is available on the School for Advanced Legal Studies site.