Postgraduate Diploma courses

(Course outlines and detail are available in the Faculty Handbook)

PBL4607F   International Law of the Sea

PBL4615F    International Law in Theory and Practice

PBL4618S    International Law on Disputes and the Use of Force

PBL4619S    International Environmental Law

PBL4623F    Governing under the Constitution: Law and Practice

PBL4631F   International Protection of Human Rights

PBL4640F    Principles of Environmental Law

PBL4641F    Land Use Planning Law

PBL4642S   Natural Resources Law

PBL4643S   Pollution Law

PBL4658S   Administrative Justice and Open Government

PBL4659S   Human Rights, Legal Pluralism, Religion and Culture

PBL4808S   International Criminal Law (not offered in 2022)

PBL4815S   Punishment and Human Rights

PBL4820F   Theories of Crime and Social Order

PBL4822S   Victims and Victimology: Theory, Policy and Practice

PBL4844S   Police and Policing: Explorations in Security Governance

PBL4847S   Forensics and the Law (Not offered in 2022)

PBL4849F   Law in Action – Research Methods