Public interest careers expo 2015

05 Aug 2015
05 Aug 2015

On the 6th of May, Kramer Law School Building hosted a public interest careers expo. Non-governmental organisations and law clinics showed up to promote their organisation's public interest involvement. Our two research assistants, Lisa Wood and Shamima Allie, represented the UCT Refugee Rights Unit at this event. The expo was aimed at students of the law faculty and was intended to inform them of the options they could pursue in the public interest side of the law.

Each stall was decorated by the individual organisations. The Unit mainly distributed pamphlets about who we are and what we do, but we also handed out copies of the course outlines for the refugee law courses that are available in the faculty. Our pamphlets included quotes from the Unit's candidate attorneys and from students that have worked with the Unit or taken the courses.

The Unit was glad for the opportunity to expose the faculty to all the different types of work that we do. We are primarily a law clinic that provides free legal services to our clients, but we also engage in advocacy, training, teaching and research. The expo was a great chance to advertise vacancies within the Unit as well as the refugee law courses offered within the faculty and lectured by the Unit's Director, Ms Fatima Khan.

The Unit also welcomes volunteers to assist our attorneys with their work. Many students that came to the expo were interested to learn that they could contribute to what we do while they are still studying.

The event was well organised and run very efficiently. We are pleased to have taken part and to have associated ourselves with the other respected public interest organisations that participated.