Course Options and Community Service

The UCT Law Clinic provides as much value in terms of training LLB students in legal practice as it does in providing legal advice and support to underserved and marginalised communities to ensure access to justice.  Training is provided to students primarily through Community Service, because LLB students must have completed 30 hours of unpaid community service through a legal service recognised and accredited by the Faculty of Law at UCT.  The Faculty's Law Clinic is one such service.

In addition to providing training and opportunities for Community Service, the Clinic Director Yellavarne Moodley teaches the Legal Practice Course (DOL4500F & DOL4500S), through which Community Service is done where students meet, consult and take instruction from their clients whilst receiving supervision from a supervising attorney. The course is a two point semester elective, where students attend two lectures per week, learn practical skills essential to successful lawyering and have the opportunity to participate in a mock trial. 

Legal Practice Course Handbook

Legal Practice Course handbook supplement

Students handle a range of matters that include family law; eviction; housing cases; contractual and delictual matters, amongst others.