To achieve our objectives, the UCT Law Clinic is reliant on the generous support of our donors.

The Law Clinic is delighted recently to have received a R40 000 grant from the German-South African Lawyers Association



The GSLA is a bilateral association open to all lawyers who are specifically interested in South African and German law. It is intended particularly for those concerned with South African law through their studies or professional occupation. The GSLA, founded about 25 years ago, is a non-profit organisation with about 230 members from the legal communities in South Africa and Germany (many of whom are UCT Alumni). One of the GSLA's objectives is the the promotion of vocational training for young lawyers in both legal systems; and the provision of information in response to inquiries regarding German and South African law. The GSLA has previously donated textbooks on German law to the UCT Law Library.

The GSLA's donation to the Law Clinic has been used in support of our student workstations. Our desktop facilities are used primarily by our students not only for their coursework, but also for legal practice training provided to UCT"s LLB students through their Community Service hours. LLB students must have completed 30 hours of unpaid community service through a legal service recognised and accredited by the Faculty of Law at UCT and the UCT Law Clinic is one such service.

The out-dated desktop workstations have now been replaced with four new desktops, and a printer, thanks to the GSLA's support. 

Thank you to Mr Raphael van de Sand of the GSLA for co-ordinating this generous gift.