Louie van Schalkwyk

Dr Louie van Schalkwyk

Dr Louie van Schalkwyk is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment at UCT and a Research Affiliate of the MLiA Chair.

Selected recent publications:

L van Schalkwyk & H Mostert "Supporting Regulatory Compliance and Governance through Research and Innovation" in C Digby et al (eds) Green Mining: Beyond the Myth (2018).

H Mostert, LCA Verstappen, J Zevenbergen, L van Schalkwyk(eds) Land Law and Governance: African Perspectives on Land Tenure and Title (2017).

L van Schalkwyk& S Vidima "Involvement of Local Governments and Mine Communities in Addressing Issues of Waste in the Mining Sector" in H Mostert (eds) Waste & Wealth: New Views on the Byproductsof Mining (2017).

Cheri Young

Dr Cheri Young

Cheri is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Sustainability theme.

Selected recent publications:

N Maduekwe & C Young “Water, Sanitation and Energy Access in South Africa and
Nigeria” in Y Omorogbe and A Ordor Ending Africa's Energy Deficit and the Law (2018).

H Mostert, K Chisanga, J Howard, F Mandhu, M van den Berg & C Young "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mining Industries of Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia" in L Barrera-Hernández, B Barton, L Godden, A Lucas & A Rønne  (eds) Sharing The Costs and Benefits of Energy and Resources Activity (2016).

H Mostert & C Young "Natural resources as 'regulated property'" in C Godt (ed) Regulatory Property Rights (2016).

C Young "Expropriations in South Africa: Dramatis Personae of the Envisioned Expropriation Law" (2016) 5 EPLJ 206-235.

Meyer van den Berg

Dr Meyer van den Berg

Meyer is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Mineral Law & Governance research theme and curriculum development.

Selected recent publications:

HM van den Berg & H Mostert "Challenges to Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing in South Africa" in D Zillman, M Roggenkamp, L Paddock & L Godden (eds) Innovation in Energy Law and Technology (2018).

HM van den Berg & P Koep "Mining and Energy in Namibia" in O Ruppel & K Ruppel-Schlichting (eds) Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia 3ed (2016).

H Mostert & HM van den Berg "Roman-Dutch Law, Custodianship, and the African Subsurface" in D Zillman, A McHarg, A Bradbrook & L Barrera-Hernandez (eds) The Law of Energy Underground (2014).

HM van den Berg "Namibia" in A Kritzer, S Eiselen, A Butler & F Mazzotta (eds) International Contract Manual (2014).

Boniphace Luhende

Dr Boniphace Luhende

Boniphace is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Mining & Business research theme.

Selected recent publications:

B Luhende & H Mostert "Systems of mineral ownership in Africa: A comparative look at the legacy of the domanialand regalianregimes in Tanzania and South Africa" (forthcoming journal article).

B Luhende "Taxation of the Extractives Industry in East Africa: Problems and Prospects", a paper presented at the 4th IBFDAfrica Tax Symposium, 9-11 May 2018, Mombasa, Kenya.

B Luhende Towards a legal framework for preventing tax revenue leakage in the upstream oil and gas industry in Tanzania: an analysis of the concepts, methods and options available in a public trusteeship model of natural resource holdingPhD thesis UCT (2017).

B Luhende"Fiscal Regime for the Mining Sector in Tanzania", a paper presented in the 4th Mineral Law in Africa Colloquium in Swakompund, Namibia, November 2016.

Heleen van Niekerk

Dr Heleen van Niekerk

Heleen is an Honorary Research Affiliate responsible for the Mineral Law & Governance research theme.

Selected recent publications:

H Mostert & H van Niekerk "Disadvantage, Fairness, and Power Crises in Africa" in Y Omorogbe & A Ordor (eds) Ending Africa's Energy Deficit and the Law (2018).

H van Niekerk "Mineral tenure security, registration and enforceability of rights: debunking the property-law paradigm" (2018) 135 SALJ 159-190.

H van Niekerk "How not to queue: judicial scrutiny of the MPRDA’s queuing system – an analysis of Aquila Steel (South Africa) Limited v Minister of Mineral Resources (72248/15) [2016] ZAGPPHC 1071 and legislative changes to the queuing system" (2017) 38 Obiter 417-430.

Dr Paradzai Garufu

Paradzai is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Mining & Business research theme.

Selected recent publications:

P Garafu Operationalizing international law principles governing state sovereignty over mineral resources: the case of Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) PhD thesis University of the Witwatersrand (2015).