The Centre of Criminology invites you to join Author Sharon Jephta in conversation with the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service Lt Gen. Fannie Masemola and Emeritus Professor Elrena van der Spuy at the launch of her new book entitled Serving with Integrity, Commitment and Excellence.

About Author Sharon Jephta

Jephta joined the police in 1981 and retired in 2019 with the rank of Lieutenant General. Jephta has served as Station Commander, Cluster Commander, Deputy Area Commissioner, Deputy Provincial Commissioner, Divisional Commissioner Inspectorate and Divisional Commissioner of Visible Policing. Jephta holds an MBA, National Diploma in Policing, Diploma in Community Policing and is a qualified Life Coach and Couples and Family Councillor. Jephta was awarded the Gold Medal for Service Excellence by the Minister of Police in 2018. Jephta’s experience spans the last 13 years of the South African Police Force in Apartheid South Africa and the first 25 years of the South African Police Service in Democratic South Africa. In Serving with Integrity, Commitment and Excellence, Jephta shares her story and, in doing so, opens a much needed debate about gender and equality.