Distinguished Visitors 1996-2007


Prof William Leap, American University, Washington D.C. (Anthropology and gay discourse).

Dr Debbie Epstein, University of London (Popular media and sexuality). NRF funded.

Dr Barbara Cassin, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Sorbonne, Paris (Philosophy and rhetoric). NRF funded.

Prof Anita Haya Patterson, University of Illinois at Chicago (The poetics of disobedience and Black protest literature in America). NRF funded.

Prof Jean Rouch, the celebrated film ethnographer, and Dr R Sherman, Museum of Man, Paris (Discourse of anthropology and filming the Other). French Government funded.


Prof Jody Cohen, Department of Communication, Syracuse University, USA. (Methodology and rhetoric of history in Southern Africa).

Prof Beverly Sauer, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. (Rhetoric of safety in SA mines.) Visit sponsored by the National Science Foundation of the United States. Resulted in a book: The Rhetoric of Risk. Technical Documentation in Hazardous Environments (2000).

Prof William L Leap, American University, Washington D.C., USA, now at the University of Cardiff. (Further research on gay men discourse in Cape Town.). Home funding.

Dr Barbara Cassin, Sorbonne, Paris, France (Greek Rhetoric and Philosophy). NRF funded.

Professor Eva Kushner, Past President of Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Canada (Renaissance rhetoric, Human Rights). Dr Charles Calder, Lusaka, Zambia (Zambian politics, rhetoric in Shakespeare).


Dr William Spurlin, then at Columbia, now at Cardiff (Rhetoric of Gender and Post-Coloniality (South Africa, India).

Prof C Jan Swearingen, then at Texas at Arlington, now at Texas A&M, past President of the Rhetoric Society of America. (Democracy and Rhetoric (Far East/SA). UT Arlington and Distinguished Visitors' Fund. Residency at the Centre acknowledged in her Rhetoric, The Polis, and the Global Village (1999).

Dr Cecilia Pennacini, University of Florence (The non verbal rhetoric of urban religious rituals (Uganda/SA). Home institution funding.


Prof Eugene Garver, St. John’s University (Rhetoric And Ethics). NRF.

Prof Mary Jane Collier, University of Denver (Intercultural communication). VSF and home institution funding.

2000 to 2002

Prof Erik Doxtader, now at University of South Carolina and director of the Rhetoric Theory consortium, then a MacArthur Foundation Peace and Security Fellow (funded).Senior Fellow at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation.


Prof Cezar Ornatowski, University of California, San Diego (Presidential Rhetoric and rhetoric of technology). VSF funded.

Prof Alan Gross, University of Minnesota (Rhetoric of Science, public memory). NRF funded.


Dr Sanya Osha, Ibadan (Political rhetoric in Africa). NRF Overseas Fellow.

Prof Maurice Charland, Director of the Doctoral Programme in Rhetoric, University of Concordia, Montreal (rhetorical theory, communication and the law). VSF.


Prof Maurice Charland. During his stay he was awarded the Canada Communication Prize for his Law, Rhetoric, and Irony in the Formation of Canadian Civil Culture (2003). Home institution funding.

Prof John Trimbur, (writing theory), Worester Polytechnic Institute, USA, author of Reading Culture (4 editions), and Popular Literacy, studies in cultural practices and poetics (2001). Home institution funding.


No visitors due to the international conference held at the Centre About an African Athens. Rhetoric and Democracy. Among the attendees were leading authors in rhetoric Andrea Lunsford (Stanford), Gerard Hauser (Colorado), Robert Hariman (now at Northwestern), the late Michael Leff (then at Memphis), Kathlyn Campbell, David Zarefsky (now President of the Rhetoric Society of Amerrica), also David Appleby, a 2004 Peabody Awardee (the equivalent for television of the Pulitzer Prize for print journalism).

Professor Jerzy Axer, Chair of Rhetoric and Director of the Liberal Arts Institute, University of Warsaw, Poland. NRF funded.


Professor Brigitte Mral, Chair of Rhetoric at the University of Ôrebro, Sweden. NRF funded.


Professor Berit von der Lippe, Rhetoric Programme, BI School of Management, Oslo, Norway. NRF funded.

(list established in March 2011)