JIA Newsletter #21/2023 - 11 November 2023 (Special Edition)

16 Nov 2023
16 Nov 2023

In this edition 

  • Editorial
  • Major citizenship strides for stateless in Kenya, Tanzania, Republic of Congo
  • Pioneering legal victory for childhood statelessness fight
  • Passionate about justice for ‘invisible’ people
  • Making news
  • Downloads

The last year has seen significant achievements in drives to end the world-wide problem of statelessness. Some of these changes are highlighted in this special edition that marks another landmark year in the decade-long #IBelong campaign.

We highlight several African achievements in this newsletter, but there have been many other developments, and promises of further developments, during 2023. They show a growing understanding by states of the terrible plight of the stateless, and the potential for security risks if the problem isn’t addressed. All of these must be welcomed and celebrated.

With thousands of people still locked into the invisible hell of statelessness, there is obviously still much to do and many promising initiatives to support. But one important way that ordinary people – people who don’t legislate or make policy decisions – can help end this tragic situation is to talk about and create awareness of the problem. For example, it’s surprising how little is known about the lives of stateless children like Tebogo Khoza, whose case is discussed in this newsletter. It’s not generally understood that there are children who belong nowhere, who must grow up without the documentation that will allow them to drive a car, have a bank account, get married, become fully adult.

But Khoza is one of the lucky ones and a court judgment has changed his life. His story has become something to celebrate, worth sharing with others, and inspiring for ourselves. It shows what dedicated, professional, incisive lawyering can do. And in that, it’s a beacon for us all.

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