Event Report: Creative IPR Conference

04 Jun 2024 | By Ghati Nyehita
fabric at Africa Museum
04 Jun 2024 | By Ghati Nyehita

On April 25-26, 2024, the Creative IPR Conference 2: Intellectual Properties in Colonial and Post-Colonial History took place in Belgium (read more about the conference). This event brought together experts to delve into contemporary experiences of intellectual property (IP) in Africa, highlighting the nuanced challenges and opportunities faced by creators in the region.

Prof. Ncube delivered a thought-provoking lecture titled "Contemporary Experiences of Intellectual Property in Africa." Her presentation explored the complex landscape of IP in Africa, using real-world examples such as the Maxhosa fashion brand in South Africa and its copyright infringement case against Zara.

Prof. Ncube also addressed the role of digital sharecroppers, content creators, and platforms in IP and value creation. Her lecture emphasized the importance of understanding how these roles intersect and impact the economic and legal landscape of IP in Africa. This lecture shed light on the ongoing debates and challenges in the field of intellectual property, particularly within the African context.