Series of Webinars For African SMEs, July 2020 organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

27 Jul 2020
27 Jul 2020

Prof Ncube participated, with other experts, in a series of webinars for SMEs across the African continent organised by the International Bureau of WIPO. The topics covered included:

  1. Fundamentals of Intellectual Property and Relevance in Business Speaker: Prof. Caroline Ncube Department of Commercial Law; University of Cape Town; South Africa;
  2. IP Audits, Due Diligence and Valuation Speaker: Ms. Rose Mboya; International Consultant and P Expert; Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI); Kenya
  3. Access to IP -Speaker: Dr. Mc Lean Sibanda Managing Director at Bigen Global Limited International Consultant &IP Expert (South Africa)
  4. Topic 4 Working With IP In Your BusinessSpeakers: Prof. Caroline Ncube Dr. Mc Lean Sibanda Ms. Rose Mboya & Guest SMEs