Associate Professor Kathy Idensohn

BA LLB (cum laude) University of Cape Town
LLM Cambridge University
PhD University of Cape Town
Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Kathy is the Deputy Dean: Undergraduate Studies. She holds BA LLB degrees (cum laude) (University of Cape Town), an LLM (Cambridge University) and a PhD degree (University of Cape Town).  She practised for a number of years as a commercial attorney in Cape Town and in London. Since joining academia she has lectured a range of commercial law subjects at the University of Cape Town and in the UK. She is now an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa; teaches the LLB courses in Corporation Law, Ways of Doing Business and The Theory and Practice of Commercial Regulation; and researches in the areas of corporate law and theory, fiduciary accountability and the intersection between company and labour law. She has also acted as the Technical Expert and Legal Advisor to the South African Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry and assisted it in the formulation and drafting of the Companies Amendment Act 3 of 2011 and the Co-operatives Amendment Act 6 of 2013.

Some accredited publications

  • K Idensohn ‘The Meaning of “Prescribed Officers” under the Companies Act 2008' (2012) 4 South African Law Journal 717.
  • K Idensohn ‘The Fate of Foss under the Companies Act 71 of 2008' (2012) 24(3) South African Mercantile Law Journal 355.
  • K Idensohn ‘The Nature and Scope of Employees' Fiduciary Duties' (2012) 33 Industrial Law Journal 1539.
  • K Idensohn 'The Regulation of Shadow Directors' (2010) 22(3) South African Mercantile Law Journal 326.
  • D Collier, K Idensohn & J Adkins 'Income Inequality and Executive Remuneration: Assessing the Role of Law and Policy in the Pursuit of Equality' (2010) 34(2) South African Journal of Labour Relations 84.
  • K Idensohn 'Towards a Theoretical Framework of Fiduciary Principles: Volvo (Southern Africa) (Pty) Ltd v Yssel’ 2009 4 All SA 497 (SCA)' (2010) 2 Speculum Juris 142.
  • K Idensohn ‘The Controlling Shareholder as an Employee: Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform v Neufeld & Howe' (2009) 30 Industrial Law Journal 1495.

Conference presentations

  • Invited Speaker, 26th Annual Labour Law Conference, Sandton, July 2013: ‘Co-operatives: A Model for Work & Development'.
  • 'Is South Africa Ready for Worker Participation and a Convergence of Company and Labour Law?’  The Society of Law Teachers of Southern Africa Conference, Stellenbosch, January 2011.
  • Invited Speaker, 23rd Annual Labour Law Conference, Sandton, August 2010: 'Income Inequality: Executive Salaries and Pay Discrimination’.